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Our community of listeners, viewers, readers, contributors and speakers are a highly engaged and targeted group of Cloud Security Professionals who want to keep expanding their knowledge around solving Cloud Security problems, keeping up with the latest Cloud Security news, tools, research and trends.

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  • CISOs, VP/Director of Cloud Security, Head of Security, Industry Leaders and Decision Makers wanting to stay at the forefront of maturity roadmaps for Cloud, CyberSecurity solutions and latest challenges in cloud through expert research, products and tools.
  • Senior Cloud Security and Senior CyberSecurity Professionals solving security challenges at scale across one or more Cloud Service Providers.
  • Cloud Security Professionals at different stages of their Cloud Security Journey wanting to grow their knowledge and skills in Cloud Security + looking for the best solutions and innovations for their organisations
  • Established and Upcoming Cybersecurity Founders
  • New Comers to CyberSecurity / Cloud Security

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Great Show!

Cloud Security Podcast has quickly become a favorite in my feed! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I truly learn something every time I listen!


Amazing weekly cloud security podcast!

What I started trying to get an understanding of "What is Cloud Security?", "what do these crazy acronyms mean?", and "How do I keep up to date with one of the fastest changing landscapes?" I downloaded the "The Cloud Security Podcast" and I couldn't stop listening. And even better than all the topical information is the cloud security community that engages...


Insightful questions I'm curious to know the answer to

If you're looking to hear from professionals in the field from a spectrum of experience, I would highly recommend this podcast. Some interview guests on other podcasts are difficult to relate to because they're outliers. In this podcast, you'll hear form guests that you can tangibly aspire to.


Must Listen for all levels of cloud

Whether you are an experienced cloud Jedi or just beginning your cloud journey, you're going to want to listen to the Cloud Security Podcast. CSP has amazing guests, many of which I have connected wihat after the show to continue to soak up their knowledge in all things cloud. CSP also does not discriminate on cloud service providers so no whatever what cloud you are...

@Mar 13, 2023

Best in class Cloud Security Updates

Over the last few years, podcasts have grown from a fringe media to one of the most popular ways to get news and information. For those in the know, or those who need to know, cloud security podcast hosted by Ashish is far best what I came across. Ashish is thought leader in cloud industry. With this in mind, he is one of the best editors that have compiled a list of over...

@Kapil CSP

Technical and practical

Really enjoying this podcast so far as it strikes a useful balance between technical and applicable content. Things that allow you to actually walk away and try something new to secure your environment are the most valuable for me personally, this podcast hits that mark.


Partner with us!

Being a one of a kind, independent and niche group of podcasts in this growing space of Cloud Security, partnering with us means the right audience gets to hear about the great things you are doing in this space.

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