Google Cloud Security

Multicloud strategy for AWS and GCP

Jan 19, 2024
Digital Turbine

Google Cloud Hacking Red Team Perspective!

Aug 2, 2023
Shannon McHale, Mandiant (Google Cloud)

Google Cloud IAP - A Pentester Viewpoint

Jul 26, 2023
⁠Anjali⁠ S, NotSoSecure

Doing Google Cloud Security RIGHT!

Jul 25, 2023
Global Fintech in UK

An AWS Centric View of Google Cloud Identity!

Jul 23, 2023
Sequoia Capital

Building Google Cloud Security Products

Mar 3, 2022
Google Cloud

Google Cloud Security Fundamentals

Feb 20, 2022
Antoni Training

Red Team in Google Cloud

Feb 13, 2022
Red Team

Google Cloud Security – how does google cloud work?

Jun 7, 2020
Cloud Security Alliance

Is public cloud secure?

Feb 9, 2020
Cloud Security Alliance
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