Centralised Credential Management in the Cloud

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If you are a large scale cloud enterprise, you'll find after a while you have a lot of things to deal with. Like for example, you may have SSH keys or RDP keys or username, password access applications, API keys. Apparently there are thousands of secrets these days, not just the username password that all of us think about.So for this, we had a conversation with James Astley from Somerford Associates. We spoke about how people are using @HashiCorp  Terraform and Vault as well as AWS technologies to get credential management centrally.

Questions asked:
00:00 Introduction
01:23 A bit about James Astley
02:25 A bit about Somerford Associates
03:19 Use case for Centralised Secret Management
04:19 How was secrets management done traditionally?
05:42 Secret's management in multi/poly cloud
06:22 Non technical advantages of multicloud
07:16 Applications best suited to migrate to cloud
08:21 Applications that should not be moved to the cloud
10:26 Technical challenges of Multicloud

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