Cloud Security Baseline For Scale

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What We Discuss with David Levitsky & Olivia Hillman:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 04:16 A bit about Olivia Siow
  • 04:31 A bit about David Levitsky
  • 04:54 Cloud Security Baseline
  • 06:38 Do all organisations need a cloud security baseline?
  • 07:16 Does cloud security baseline help with scaling?
  • 07:34 Success Metrics for establishing cloud security baseline
  • 10:41 The cultural side of building a baseline
  • 11:40 Anatomy of AWS Cloud Account at Scale
  • 12:58 Building Blocks of Cloud Security Baseline
  • 16:54 Non Technical Challenges
  • 19:24 Organisation Challenges
  • 21:41 Would larger organisations have multiple baselines?
  • 23:34 Baseline for Multicloud or hybridcloud
  • 26:10 Use case with terraform cloud and route 53
  • 30:26 What telemetry is important
  • 32:36 Segregating Logs in a cloud context
  • 33:58 Can be done with any cloud and tool of choice
  • 34:43 Baseline vs CNAPP + CSPM
  • 37:56 Team skill requirement
  • 39:16 The fun section
  • 45:13 Where can you connect with Olivia and David to continue the conversation

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