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Ashish Rajan: [00:00:00] Hey, what’s up everyone. Welcome to another episode of cloud security podcast. In this episode, it’s a special edition. Recently. I was visiting Tokyo, Japan, and got a chance to meet a lot of cyber security people who are working in cloud security, public cloud with some of the major companies in Japan, like Mitsubishi and the sun. 

The meetup was interesting because you don’t really get to hear about these companies outside of Japan, I guess, just because. Honestly, I mentioned national company. You don’t get to talk to them. There are no sponsored ads. I just want her to try something different. And basically as part of my travels for different conferences or meetups, any information that I get, I wanted to share it with you guys and get some feedback on how much of it is true or how much of it can be improved with some initial information or some context with customers. 

So let’s get into the details. One of the first question that I ask people, what. What is cloud security or is cloud security a thing in Japan? Some of the responses included cloud security would have [00:01:00] been interesting, but the cloud itself is quite niche in Japan. A lot of people are still trying to find a footprint in public cloud. 

And the reason for this was a lot of people were. On the public cloud, just because they want to see other people jumping on the cloud first and then they follow suit. This is an interesting observation. Considering a lot of people would agree that AWS and Azure both have sites in Japan, but I think it’s some one, the soccer one in Tokyo, but the reality of it is. 

People are still trying to get into public cloud in Japan, which is probably different to say us or Australia, where a lot of people are already in the cloud and are probably on the next phase where it’s the second set of people have started coming in which I’m calling the second wave. So that was a really interesting insight. 

And when I further dig into what is. I guess the presence of Google cloud Azure or AWS in Japan, they said they haven’t heard of Google cloud much. However, they have had a lot of conversations around AWS and Azure, and a lot of proof of concepts are being [00:02:00] run in a lot of companies. Some of the companies have moved some of their public sites to the public cloud as well. 

So that was a great start. A lot of companies are doing digital transformation projects, which is also interesting. But overall, it seemed like it’s still, it’s still the onset of public cloud in Japan or in Tokyo or short barter soccer. If you have information on a cycle, I would love to hear that. And that that’s kind of gone into why this may be the case. 

That’s why it’s almost like a wave behind rest of the world. And this kind of goes back to the cultural aspect of Japan on how. They do want to take risks, but they want to take risks after someone else has kind of successfully gone through the cloud journey. So that was interesting for me. And when I asked around my next question was, how big is the scale of implementation? 

And if multicloud is a thing, a lot of people said it’s still in proof of concept stage. So not really a huge investment, but it’s definitely something which is coming up in everyone’s radar. People need help in finding our word cloud is the best for them. So they are running a lot of strategy projects, [00:03:00] consulting gigs, where they talk to people and find out what their need is. 

And based on that recommended new cloud. Now, this was a conversation that I had with a small set of cybersecurity people. I could only really talk to 20 people while I was there in an event which was big got to talk to a couple of people for coffee. So that was really good. Well, But overall the picture that I have of public cloud in Tokyo, Japan, it seems to be, although AWS summits, a massive Azure ignites, it’s a massive, but it still has a long way to go. 

Before it can become, you know, one of those really big customers in public cloud for AWS or Azure, unfortunately, no one had heard of Google cloud. So there was no reference for it. Yeah, that was it. That’s pretty much what I wanted to share in this episode. If you have any further questions, I was able to make a lot of connections for cybersecurity people while I was there. 

So if you have any questions or you would want me to follow up with. On a particular topic from Japan. So I will be happy to follow that up. The information on the show notes on what the [00:04:00] AWS and Azure space would be. It’s not really much to their ad there, but I have my contact information there. In case you require information, feel free to reach out and we will make something happen. 



Ashish Rajan: Hopefully you liked the episode and let me know if this is something valuable and if it really helps, I can continue to do this every time I go to a conference, or if you are attending a conference and would like to share your insight, I’d love to have you on the show. So we will see you in, or I would look forward to being your years in the next episode, doc soon. 

Take care.

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