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AWS Landing zones are well known but not as much in the Google Cloud space. In this episode we have Jimmy Barber shares how controls can be automated in GCP to create landing zone to manage security across a large google environment.

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Question Asked:

00:00 Introduction

03:10 A bit about Jimmy Barber

05:42 Transitioning from on-prem to cloud

07:26 How are things different in GCP?

09:01 Building blocks of working with GCP

14:15 What is a landing zone in GCP?

17:23 Building landing zone in existing GCP environments

20:04 Using Cloud Native services vs others

22:59 Security gaps in GCP

25:15 Non technical challenges moving to cloud and GCP

28:45 Doing security in GCP

31:18 Where to start learning about GCP

32:37 The Fun Section

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