Evolution of Kubernetes Security | KubeCon EU 2023

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What We Discuss with Andrew Martin (Control Plane), Matt Jarvis (Snyk), Kerim Satirli (Hashicorp):

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 04:28 A bit about Kerim, Andy and Matt
  • 05:13 What is Kubernetes?
  • 06:49 How do you describe Cloud Native Security?
  • 10:21 How Kubecon and Kubernetes has changed over the years?
  • 15:56 The growing presence of security in kubecon
  • 22:10 Cloud Security and Cloud Native Security
  • 23:00 Maintenance of Kubernetes
  • 24:17 Shared Responsibility Model
  • 27:37 Single Cluster vs Multi Cluster
  • 34:34 Failure of Workload Identity
  • 36:11 Recommendations for learning
  • 42:06 Disaster Recovery for Kubernetes
  • 47:51 ChatGPT – Problem, Solution or Fad?

THANKS, Andrew Martin (Control Plane), Matt Jarvis (Snyk), Kerim Satirli (Hashicorp)

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