Google Cloud IAP - A Pentester Viewpoint

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Google Cloud Security Assessment from a pentester's lens. ⁠Anjali⁠ from NotSoSecure will be sharing her research into Google Cloud IAP & finding ways to assess the use of Google Cloud IAP in your environment and what are some of the low hanging fruits that you can remove today to reduce any potential risk from the service to your Google Cloud environment.More episodes like these on

Question Asked:
00:00 Introduction
04:31 A bit about Anjali S
05:23 What is GCP IAP?
07:18 Why is IAP so important?
09:55 IAP and Identity Federation
11:34 SSH vs Jump Box
13:57 GCP IAP vs AWS Cognito
16:22 Misconfigurations in GCP IAP
23:17 Potential security scenarios
25:45 Cloud Security Assessment in GCP
28:13 Doing your own cloud security assessment
30:49 The Fun Questions
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