"Hot Takes" with CISOs & CyberSecurity Leaders - Caleb Sima

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"Hot 🌶 Takes with CISOs & CyberSecurity Leaders" is a fun conversation with CISOs over hot and spicy food choices, as if they didn't have enough hot seats in their life fighting fires. This is first of our 3 part San Francisco edition of Hot 🌶 Takes with CISOs & CyberSecurity Leaders. First guest is Caleb Sima, Former CISO of Robinhood. Wasabi was the hot poison of choice by Caleb and we are super grateful that he was kind enough to have wasabi the size of half an avocado for this interview with @AshishRajan . Hope you enjoy this "Hot 🌶 Takes" interview with increasing level of wasabi intensity (we went up to level 7000). You can use the timeline to get to the wasabi reactions too. :) 

00:00 Introduction 

00:30 Caleb Sima - Path to CISO 

02:12 What's the hottest Food you have ever had? 

03:19 Wasabi Level 2500 

06:01 Wasabi Level 5000 

10:11 Wasabi Level 7000 

15:05 Wasabi Level 9000 

20:16 Outro 

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