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What We Discuss with Karthik Ramamoorthy:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:07 Karthik’s Professional Background
  • 05:43 What is Cloud Native eco-system?
  • 07:10 What is a Container eco-system?
  • 08:07 Relevance of NIST CSF in Financial Services?
  • 09:50 Why should companies care about NIST?
  • 11:26 Can NIST be automated which is required for Containers? 13:40 Challenges for NIST in Financial services?
  • 15:10 NIST – Identify pillar for container eco-system?
  • 18:06 NIST Identify for BU owners?
  • 18:59 Should POC be the starting point for implementing prove value to business?
  • 20:16 NIST – Protect pillar for container eco-system?
  • 27:09 Would you send Microservices (east-west traffic) through internet?
  • 29:50 Threats to Containers compared to traditional VMs or OS?
  • 31:41 Is the managed service from CSP make it better?
  • 32:48 Are there Binary Auth in most CSPs?
  • 33:26 What is Binary Auth in relation to containers?
  • 35:15 NIST – Detect pillar for container eco-system?
  • 38:43 Need for Confidential Computing in Financial Services?
  • 40:35 What is Policy as Code and how to deploy them?
  • 42:15 NIST – Respond & Recover pillar for container eco-system?
  • 45:52 How long to complete Respond and Recover?
  • 47:00 Implementing NIST for those starting today?
  • 48:41 What should people start with first?
  • 50:48 Learning about Container security?
  • 53:04 Fun Section

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