Kubernetes Cluster Security Audit Explained

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What We Discuss with Shane Lawrence and Daniele Santos:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:52 A bit about Shane
  • 03:45 A bit about Dani
  • 04:23 Which kubecons have Shane and Dani attended?
  • 05:03 A bit about Dani and Shane’s talk at Kubecon EU
  • 06:42 Misconfigurations in Kubernetes
  • 09:48 Dani talks about the Kubernetes Security Report
  • 10:13 Use case for Kubernetes Misconfiguration
  • 11:45 What is Azure Escape?
  • 12:51 What is container escape?
  • 15:26 What is kubeaudit?
  • 15:49 Contributing to kubeaudit
  • 16:40 The maturity of kubeaudit
  • 19:04 How would kubeaudit help with an azure escape?
  • 19:41 The developer experience
  • 21:34 How shopify uses kubeaudit
  • 24:59 Getting started with kubeaudit
  • 25:53 Challenges with implementing kubeaudit
  • 27:19 Maturity of kubernetes security and kubecon
  • 30:02 Learning about kubernetes
  • 34:07 Areas of security not being spoken about enough
  • 36:16 Open Source and Software supply chain risks

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