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What We Discuss with Liz Rice:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:15 A word from our sponsor
  • 03:36 A bit about Liz Rice
  • 04:36 Liz’s path into Cloud Native
  • 06:22 What is EBPF?
  • 08:12 Use case for EBPF in on premise
  • 10:37 SC Linux and EBPF
  • 11:28 Why we are solving this now with Kubernetes?
  • 13:22 EBPF in managed vs unmanaged Kubernetes?
  • 15:37 Implementation of EBPF
  • 17:38 Access Management and Network Security
  • 21:02 Challenges with multi cluster Kubernetes deployment
  • 24:03 Key management in multi cluster
  • 25:11 Current gaps in Kubernetes security
  • 27:41 Developer first in the cloud native space
  • 32:47 The future of EBPF
  • 34:36 Where can you learn more about EBPF
  • 36:25 The fun questions

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