So You WANT TO DO Google Cloud Threat Detection – Start here!

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Episode Description

What We Discuss with Day Johnson:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:37 A word from our sponsor
  • 03:11 A bit about Day Johnson
  • 04:12 Common Threats in GCP
  • 06:04 Starting Threat Detection in GCP
  • 07:57 Transitioning to GCP from AWS
  • 10:53 Threat modelling by Service
  • 14:27 Where to start with threat detection in GCP
  • 18:17 Common Threat Vectors in GCP
  • 21:53 Automatic Threat Detection
  • 23:13 Services to be mindful of
  • 26:10 Compute Image Creation
  • 28:07 Get started in Detection Engineering
  • 32:45 Helpful resources for Threat Detection
  • 36:00 The fun questionsn

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