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What We Discuss with Mackenzie Jackson:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:42 A bit about Mackenzie Jackson
  • 04:16 What are secrets?
  • 05:28 How are we dealing with secrets?
  • 07:35 Mackezie talks about GitGuardian’s Secret Sprawl Report
  • 11:43 Managing history in Github
  • 12:37 Mackenzie talks about ggcanary
  • 14:09 Common types of secrets found in scans
  • 15:42 Responsibility of Github and CSP providers
  • 17:12 Are people ready to respond to honey token alarms? 20:33 Breaches causes by leaked secrets
  • 23:34 Fun facts found in Secrets Sprawl Report
  • 24:25 Secret sprawl is going to happen
  • 25:09 Where do people start?
  • 26:06 Implementing Git Hook as a security measure
  • 28:08 How to get people to care about secrets
  • 30:06 Where can people learn about secrets protection?
  • 31:25 Where you can reach Mackenzie for more questions on secrets?

THANKS, Mackenzie Jackson

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