Using Data Perimeters in AWS To Scale Guardrails

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Episode Description

What We Discuss with John Burgess:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:13 A word from our sponsors –
  • 03:38 A bit about John Burgess
  • 04:26 Data perimeter in the Cloud
  • 05:10 Defining data perimeter in AWS
  • 06:50 Where to start building AWS data perimeter
  • 08:21 The defense in depth approach
  • 09:09 Approach to enable developers
  • 10:40 Starting point for building data perimeter
  • 11:41 Limitations with Data Perimeter
  • 13:06 Implementing data perimeter for segregation
  • 15:52 Working with Terraform Modules
  • 16:34 Goals behind data perimeter controls
  • 18:31 Proactive detection for third party
  • 20:00 Data perimeter for other CSPs
  • 20:42 Challenges in establishing data perimeter
  • 23:06 Dealing with multiple organisations
  • 23:35 Learn more about data perimeter
  • 24:06 The fun section

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