What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps with Cloud & AI explained for 2023

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What is DevSecOps in 2023 especially in a world of Cloud and AI which is top of mind for both application security, developers, cybersecurity professionals.In this video we will share how the updated definition of DevSecOps in 2023 has been redefined with Cloud and AI, also how does one measure success for DevSecOps.


00:00 Intro

02:01 Did Cloud enable DevSecOps

03:43 Speed of Security in DevSecOps built on Cloud

05:05 What is DevSecOps explained for 2023

05:51 DevSecOps RoadMap

08:25 DevSecOps Program Components in 2023

10:55 Chatgpt Joke on Developers and DevSecOps

11:43 How do you measure DevSecOps success?

12:21 Generative AI impact on DevSecOps

14:02 Thank you for watching & Subscribing

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